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2 years ago

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Truth or Dare n Around Christmas time at all the spirit and the atmosphere is perfect for organizing these small private parties with friends. You know what I mean, we invite you to about 4 to 8 people, and play some fun, but mostly naughty games and strip poker and spin the bottle, and do not forget the most popular game of all time : Truth or Dare ! Who has not played before? Once the truth, to tell these private annoying questions to confess, to dare your best friend or something, to prove you're not a chicken? Yes, I thought yes, we all know what I mean. These games are more fun when the weather sucks, rain or snow, strong wind, so all these games with friends on winter nights. And last year was no different. So my partner and I, his name is Erik, invited two other couples to come that night. It was raining outside, but it was cold, very cold, the wind through your clothes. crocotube We take care of drinks and snacks and a 6 o'clock in the afternoon arrived. The evening starts with drinks and snacks, talking, always comfortable. Usually a couple of drinks later, the first game begins. We opted for the night crocotube with the truth or dare games. We were on the sofas in the living room, nice and cozy, the lights dimmed, music plays softly in the background. Yes, the room was ready. I and some friends playing truth or dare. And if you "dare " is my turn, I say. And I dare to be a real prostitute one night. So I have to dress like a slut, go on the road and give men sex for money. I could not take my money when I went to the street, and I had to show how crocotube much he deserves to prove it. At first I was in doubt about it, but after a while I have to decide the bet. The next day I prepare to start the day like a real prostitute. I got this very short black skirt, a crocotube string stockings, black, no bra, a tank top too short, which was divided Lotsa beautiful boots and latex reach just above the knee. Lotsa 'm wearing makeup. If I find myself in the mirror looks at me surprised. What I see is a real cheap whore. The next thing I do is go into the streets. My friends invited me to a neighborhood of a bitch. So I was leaning against a wall on a street where all the prostitutes went and tried to get some customers. I was very nervous. It was pretty cold. crocotube After an hour, a car stops in front of me and crocotube he opened his window. He signed for me to get to your car and what I'm doing. He was a normal kid, somewhere ages of 38 and he asked me how much for a blowjob. I told him $ 30. I crocotube really did not know how much to do. He nodded and opened the door and got into his car when we left. A crocotube few seconds later I said to open his pants and sucks crocotube it. He looked surprised and said, " Well? " He said, " Offcourse, come on, what are you waiting for! ". So he opened his pants and pulled his hands on his pants around his cock. crocotube It was not hard yet. I looked at his dick, nervous. Suddenly I felt her hand grabbed my head, when he pushed me in the queue quickly. "Suck it off bitch! "He said. I began to suck, feeling the hard cock in my mouth. He my head as I sucked his cock. I was very crocotube nervous, because he was still driving the car. After a while he felt his cum shots in the mouth as I had to swallow everything. " Yes, bitch swallow. "I was really disgusting. He gave me the money and sat in the same place where I picked it up. Because it was again, back on the road with my first earned money as a prostitute. My mouth still knows he just semen to shoot inside. I was hoping my friends would pick me up soon, so that I could go to the shower. But the night was not over. again a car stopped and I went with him. the man said : tor enter the car and I, because I said crocotube I would pay what I
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